Orchid Lectures Section


We cannot provide a lecture theatre but hopefully, we can provide some useful and interesting places for you to visit on the internet to view some videos and presentations. I am sure there will be many more that you are aware of and if you send details, we might  add them to this section.

YouTube is a good starting place but if you just do a search for ‘Orchids’ you will end up trawling through a lot of unwanted material that is not worth your precious time. It is much easier to be directed to a good site and if you like it, click on the Subscribe link to access more from the same source. Don’t worry, subscribe does not mean you will have to pay and no email details are requested.  It just means that you immediately get access to all the videos from your chosen source when ever you click on your subscription link on the left.

Another skill is to find the right words to narrow a search down.  

Example: Try a search for ‘Orchid Pollination Smithsonian.’ You will not be disappointed. Or

Try clicking the link on the left, a good starting point. There are around 300 short videos available on YouTube from Jerry & Jason Fischer of Orchids Ltd in the USA. If you like this one click on Subscribe to see more.

Now try clicking the link on the left. A video by William Green from the USA.  Don’t forget to click on Subscribe to see more.

You do not have to leave the UK.  Pay a visit to Eds Orchids in the NW of England by clicking on the link on the left.

We will start with 2 talks by Philip Seaton, team member of the the OSSSU (Orchid Seed Science & Sustainable Use) and member of the RHS Orchid Committee, etc.

Talk 1: Odontoglossum crispum (Oncidium alexandrae if you prefer)

Talk 2: Biodiversity and Orchid Conservation

Next, A talk by Rudolf Jenny,  Secretary General of the European Orchid Council and member of the RHS Orchid Committee, etc.

   Talk 3: Stanhopeas

Now a short video from me, Chris Barker. All about a search to solve the mystery of a faded and broken orchid label. View by clicking on the link on the left.

With YouTube remember to use the full screen mode symbol.  

Exit with Esc on your keyboard.